We Are a Neighborhood Church with a Story 

Everybody has a story.

Our story is we’re not a cool church . . . seriously. We’re not kidding.

We do try, however, to be authentic and real. We are simply regular people, neighbors in fact, who are looking to be real with one another and with their faith. We’re people of all ages with different backgrounds. You’ll see our imperfections when you come. That’s by design. It means you can’t break anything when you come and the ceiling won’t fall down either. In fact, we think you’ll fit right in.

You see, we are a newer church started for imperfect people in an amazing, yet imperfect and often broken world. We recognize that each of us has some of that imperfection and brokenness in our own lives. So we try to keep it honest and real. We are super excited that God has done something about this for us through his Son, Jesus. We talk a lot about that. That’s our favorite story because it’s his story that changes our story.

Consequently, you will see and hear us focus on three things:

LOVING Christ . . . because Jesus overcomes our imperfections.

LOVING Our Church (One Another) . . . because we all need it.

LOVING Our Community (Guilderland and Beyond) . . . because everybody else deserves that same hope and helping hand.

That’s our story. . . .What’s yours? We’d love to hear it and join you in it.