We Believe . . . 

(We have a more official statement, but this is where we are in simple English.)

  • In being as current as your favorite news site, while holding to the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • In God’s love for all people no matter who we are or what we’ve done.
  • In Jesus Christ, that He is God’s one and only Son who gave his life for us.
  • In the Bible as flawless handbook from God that helps us succeed in life. It gives straight answers for issues relating to faith, work, family, relationships, finances and anything else we encounter.
  • In recognizing and owning the imperfections, bad choices, and brokenness in each of our lives.
  • In effective life change begins when we ask Jesus to lead our life. It continues as we increasingly experience his grace overcoming our imperfections and bad choices in our lives.
  • In each person serving others out of their gifts, abilities, and experiences.